Turned Parts


CAP Productions are committed to staying at the forefront of turned part manufacturing technology and our continuing investment in state of the art plant and equipment is testimony to this. Our current capacity encompasses:

 Single Spindle Autos
      ○ Bar Feed Diameter up to 50 mm

Multi Spindle Autos
      ○ Bar Feed Diameter up to 89 mm

 CNC Lathes     
      ○ Sliding Head Bar Diameter up to 32 mm
 Fixed Spindle Bar Diameter up to 76 mm
 Chucking Billet Diameter up to 250 mm

With years of experience combined with machinery fitted with thread rolling, thread chasing, cross drilling and back deburring facilities we have the expertise to produce volume components with the maximum machine utilisation and added value.

Additional secondary operations can be accommodated including: Broaching, Milling Grinding and Honing.

We manufacture parts in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, exotic alloys and non metallics. We can supply machined parts or fully finished components including all finishes and treatment processes, assembly, packaging and kitting.

CAP is the answer to your turned part needs!